Umberto Boschi receives Public Merit “La Candelora”

A crowded room enthusiastically attended the 4th edition of the ceremony “La Candelora”, which was held on Sunday 2 February at Cinema Teatro Comunale in Felino.

The event, organized by Filinum Cultural Association, has the aim of enhancing people, entities or associations with particular merits in fields as sciences, letters, arts, industry, sports or charity. The award ceremony consists in the giving of a Certificate of Public Merit to citizens who have distinguished themselves in activities or gestures of value for the community.

We are proud to inform you that this year one of the winner is Umberto Boschi, President and CEO of our company, who with his activity “exported worldwide salami, gastronomic excellence of our territory“.

A recognition that represents not only the passion for our work, but also the link between the company and its territory: in fact, Cav. Umberto Boschi’s company was born in Felino almost a hundred years ago.


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