Our company is a family company

There are those who carefully choose the raw materials and those who process them, those who manage the clientele, those who research and develop new products to launch on the market, those who carry out scrupulous analyses on the salami and those who, much envied, dedicate themselves to “tasting” new batches of salami. Everyone is “at the service of quality”, in their own sphere of excellence. 

Our values


The passion we put into our work is the secret ingredient of our salami cold-cuts


We carry on the memory of those who came before us, keeping the tradition alive in the recipes and in the artisan processing of our products. 


Every day we strive to bring the quality of our products to a higher and higher point, always looking for the perfect way to improve.

A special family's history

Since 1992, we have been bringing the quality of our raw materials and the excellence of our supply chain to your table. From our family to yours.

Our Family

Umberto Boschi


Lorenzo Boschi


Umberto Boschi

Marketing Manager